State Restoration, Inc.

Founded in 1999, State Restoration, Inc. was the dream of Darlene Kimbell. Darlene was looking to assist people suffering property losses by providing quality construction with integrity and timely work, helping them minimize the amount of disruption in their lives.

Call for 24-Hour Emergency Service: (800) 997-2206.

Our State Restoration Team is trained and prepared for any emergency need. Calling our 24-hour toll free phone number can dispatch our emergency crews for any situation, around the clock. State Restoration promises quick and effective relief for any situation.

Darlene Kimbell, President.

Darlene Kimbell, President

The Founder of State Restoration, Inc. Darlene’s dedication is unmatched. A licensed General Contractor for over 15 years, it was her dream to create an exceptional team to rebuild peoples’ homes. Darlene has learned to keep the delicate balance of the homeowner, building owner or HOA Members with the Insurance Carriers and Adjustors for property claims. She prides herself in a job well done and pays attention to the details of each and every job. Darlene is truly a hands-on owner. Every job file passes over her desk to ensure each and every client of State Restoration, Inc receives the best we have to offer.

Douglas Kimbell, Lead Estimator

Doug joined State Restoration in 2009 after 17 years as an insurance adjustor. With this history, as our Lead Estimator, Doug brings invaluable insight and years of knowledge into the handling and processing of insurance property claims. His knowledge continues to teach every team member at State Restoration, Inc., expanding the knowledge and industry standards of the entire staff.

Brent Schneider, Architect

Principal architect Brent Schneider is a California licensed architect with over 28 years of experience in residential architecture. Brent has experience with single family custom home, tract housing, commercial, industrial, hospitality and tenant improvement projects. Brent has partnered with several engineering companies, allowing State Restoration to tailor individual projects with the best engineer for the job. He produces the structural drawings in-house to allow complete control and to avoid surprises in the field.